Talowik Bumblebaer


A keen student of flora and fauna, Talowik enjoys nothing more than tracking down rare plant and animal species for the benefit of alchemists, herbalists, apothecaries, and anyone else in need of his talents. As a thriving trade route surrounded by vast and sometimes dangerous wilds, Elsir Vale is an ideal location for Talowik to ply his trade. As lucrative as Elsir Vale is however, it is by no means his home nor a place where he wants to settle down. He loves exploring the wild places of the world far and wide, generally in pursuit of some fabled plant or animal rumored to exist in each new location he travels to.

Talowik tends to collect samples from his environment as he travels through it, storing these samples for later study and use. During dull moments or times of rest he will break these items out, taking notes in his field journal on anything new he finds. If he has nothing to record and nothing better to do, he generally defaults to wood carving, and has etched many a profane glyph onto bar stools and tables across the world. People find Talowik affable but sometimes disconcerting. His desire to explore and learn can drive him to single minded obsession, sometimes ruthlessly so. With that said, Talowik is generally generous and kind, going out of his way to help other living things; whether they be person, animal, or plant. For this he has made many friends, particularly in the wild places of the world.

Talowik stands around 3 1/2 feet tall with a lean but sturdy frame, copper hair, and pale green eyes. His beard extends down to his chest and is worn loose, with the exception of a few braids with metal discs woven in. His hair looks as though it was hewn from his head and allowed to grow back like a wild thorn bush, standing out in a tangled mass. Occasionally his arms and face are covered in woad tattoos, generally dependent on lunar or seasonal cycles.

He is generally seen wearing thin and ragged dark green robes. They are worn openly, revealing rough but well maintained elk-hide underneath. He carries a long walking stick that he uses to hit things that threaten him, annoy him, or get in his way. Criss-crossing his body and waist are leather pouches he uses to collect various plant and animal components he comes across. His arms, hands, and neck are adorned with bone, stone, metal, and feather trinkets stringed together by leather cordage.

Talowik is rarely seen outside the company of one of the many animal companions he has met during his travels. Currently he is sharing his adventures with Barnabus, a sled dog he saved from death in the northern wastes while Talowik was working with a group of prospectors to search out new mineral deposits in the Soul-shorn Mountains. Barnabus is a friend, confident, battle-buddy, pack-mule, and occasional war-mount. He is a large husky at 70 ibs, with a grey and white fur coat and piercing blue eyes. Talowik has constructed a hide pack for him to carry, which enables Barnabus to haul around some of the gnome’s supplies and which he tolerates because it is also where the smoked meat is stored.


Talowik has been in the Elsir Vale area for just under a year, drawn by rumors of hives of “blink bees” in the Witchwood and Marth Forest. These illusive bees, as well as their honey and hives, have a variety of alchemical properties to them, which make them a very sought after commodity for those brave enough to search for them.

Talowik went to Brindol in search of anyone who knew more about the Witchwood. He was quickly referred to Dungar of Brindol Drygoods and Outfitters and Grendal Gar of the Charred Goblin as the people to talk to, for few explorers or adventurers came through Brindol without talking to one or both of them. In addition their boss Gray Voll, owner of the Witchwood Wagon Company, had caravans picking up valuable information throughout the Vale.

Grendal Gar and Dungar had heard stories of vicious swarms of bees appearing out of nowhere, stinging the hell out of groups of people, and then disappearing again just as quickly, west of Witchcross. More substantially, they had a number of alchemical components that they knew to be in high demand, and they offered to pay Talowik well if he could bring them the components during his search of Witchcross. Talowik agreed, and so an ongoing partnership was made as the gnome continued to retrieve components that were in high demand in Brindol and beyond. This partnership grew as Talowik began to join The Witchwood Wagon Caravans, allowing him to search out components further afield in relative safety while continuing his search for signs of blink bees.

Talowik Bumblebaer

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