Gurkha Steelcloak

Dwarf Crusader


Having grown up swinging the heavy pick of a copper mining crew, Gurkha is an exceptionally strong and hardy dwarf. Simple and earnest, not clever or scheming, he tends to get along well with a team and is quite likable for a dwarf. In most situations, Gurkha is steady and conservative, but in combat he can become very bold and boisterous, sometimes leading to ill-conceived combat maneuvers. One unwavering truth is that he relishes the art of war and will always seek the most difficult and dangerous ground on the battlefield. Although very martial in thought and action, Gurkha does have an active fascination with cartography and can often produce bits of odd historical trivia from his study of old maps.

Str 18, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 10, Chr 12
Ranked skills (total mod, in armor): Intimidate +10, Diplomacy +6, Knowledge (history) +2, Balance (-1), Jump (-8)


Gurkha grew up in the multi-cultural copper mining town of Red Rock. A Steelcloak, one of two minor dwarven clans working alongside half-orc pioneers, he had a simple but tough childhood. While not exactly respecting the half-orc population of the town, he at least grew to understand the importance of teamwork across diverse backgrounds. Even so, he became frustrated with the mundane toil of the mines and longed for a greater purpose in life. Studying some of the great works of the dwarfs in the vale and seeing some of their works first-hand, Gurkha decided to take to the road, planning to build personal prestige and thereby spread the honor of the Steelcloak clan.

Gurkha Steelcloak

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