The Witchwood Wagon Company

DOUG's Journal of the Journey 1

Elsir Cross

We arrived at Elsir Cross and went our separate ways. I stayed at the Happy Half Ogre and this is where my memory does me disservice. I do not recall anything that happened that first day. I think Tal spoke with the unspeaking barn boy. The others were somewhere else…I can’t remember if I did anything, that foul meat from the boar must have affected my mind somehow or maybe it was that Firestarter Bart whose magical flame added something to the feast that made me forgetful?? Finally, my mind is clear!!!! It has been a while since I decided to write in this journal, we have been extremely busy bodies around town. We have heard there maybe items with supernatural powers here, but were not able find any. He had our rock checked and turns out it is some sort of old dwarven key. During our outings we spoke with many of the residents and found some useful information. We (I) spoke with Grog and found that he has been having a challenging time with maintaining some of his supplies for his bar. It seems that some of the residents don’t like Grog’s entrepreneurial skills. He offered us 250 gold/ each to attempt to uncover and discover who was doing this to his business. We were invited to a town party where I broke many ladies’ hearts. My fellow party members went around trying to speak with all sorts of folks, but got little to no information or that cared not to share with me. I overheard the “good” Mayor and his crony Yuri, the owner and proprotor of Dagger Rock Tavern complaining about the “half beasts.” I worked my way into their conversation with my silver tongue, at first I didn’t think they were going to engage me, but then I told them of past, with some minor modifications and they accepted me in. It turns out that Yuri had his spies Grup and Blom, or whatever their names, work for Grog and they have been the ones disrupting business unbeknownst to Grog. Yuri offered me 100 platinum and a fine made Ruby to murder one of Grog’s closest companions, specifically the half-elf. I kept 1 pp for myself and shared the other 99 with my friends, it’s a retirement plan. I told my mates of the dastardly deed done and wanted done. We formed a plan. We put on the greatest show with the help of Grog and the half-elf, collected our set up Yuri, got him arrested and probably killed. Grop and Blom ran like cowards, we’ll most likely see them again in our adventure. We became hero’s of the town (FAME!!!! And some Fortune, but it is just the start.) Grog presented us with some enchanted items: a small bag that can hold a lot, an amulet that makes one tougher to hit, bracers that adds armor to oneself, goggles of secret door finding, a cloak and the 250 gold for completing his charge. We stayed in Elsir cross a few more nights and continued to search for supernatural items, but at last we found none.



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